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Indian Chameleon

In the nature and wildlife photography, 4 things are important.

  1. Your knowledge about the subject.
  2. Technical knowledge about your equipment.
  3. Creative mind and last and very important
  4. Accessibility. I have assumed time and patience for granted. :)


Our National Parks are governed by state forest dept and other authorieites. They have rules which are required to be followed so you can spend only so many hours in a day in any national park, obviously one needs to be in the vehicle also. In a way, one gets limited freedom to make some interesting images as access is limited. How about shooting outside National Parks? I have been shooting outside National Parks from sometime and it has been a great experience. Nobody is bothering me by saying time is up or I have been surrounded by vehicles and I struggle to even see the subject. Here are some of the images taken outside the national parks in India and Srilanka.

I wanted to take some images of Indian Chameleon and one day when I was walking near my friends home stay in Bandipur. Saw this guy happily crossing the road. I jumped into a ditch to get some different angle and managed to take some images.

Was observing a troup of nilgiri Langurs in the western ghats.

Nilgiri Langur

I was expecting them to take-off anytime as they are very shy. They see you and they are gone even before you think of lifting your camera. And same happened, he just took off…

I was in Srilanka, it was a dry season. While having breakfast, I was surprised to see a monitor lizard popping his head from a whole in a tree. He was observing something and I just could not see what he was eyeing at. Before I knew he was down and caught hold of a frog. I ran to pick up my camera so that I can document.

Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard

Nandi Hills, outskirts of Bangalore, a good place to do some birding. Avoid going there on a weekend, we were looking for Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher. Initally it was difficult to get them as they were moving fast, for my surpirse camera shutter sound got their attention and she started following me.


Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher

Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher

As I said access is very important and shooting outside nantional parks gives you the access and freedom to compose and make some interesting images. Also you do not need tons of planning, traveling long distances and spending loads of money.

Rohit Varma