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For the Lesser Knowns

this is how Kabini looks in the rainy reason.

Most of the times, we visit the national parks with one objective “Sight a big cat.” Forest has got much more to offer than only cats and this is my intent of writing this article. Every forest has got so much of flora and fauna which we can see, enjoy and learn about.

So I decided to explore Kabini, famous for leopard sighting, lately (last few years) even for tigers. My intension was to showcase what we ignore most of the time when we are in the forest.

Unfortunately, forest in south india and other parts in India are having major problems with Parthenium and Lantana. Forest looks green but this green is most good for Herbivores animals.

It just rained when I went inside the forest. Humidity was high, saw this serpent eagle landing on the ground as lots of worms were coming out and he feasted on them.

Serpent Eagle

Once done with the feasting, it was time for preening

Grey langurs also known as Hanuman Langurs, mostly commonly found species, were having fun. They are surely an interesting subject to spend time and to photograph.

Went slightly ahead and found these jungle mynas having conversation, must be interesting one. Check out their blue eyes, very frankly, I never saw them so closely, never knew they have such beautiful eyes.

Jungle myna

and here he was, elephant with nice tusks. I always get execited when I find elephants and they are faviourites.


It was time to head back but could not resist to take images of some deers as the setting was just perfect.

Stag deer

Female deer near a water body

Just when we were about to leave, our driver cum guide saw some movement in the Parthenium grass, one head slowly popped up and what we did not expect to see was staring at us.

Tiger engulfed in the Parthenium

As I mentioned earlier, my intent was to communicate, if you are visiting any forest enjoy the wilderness, see what forest shows you. You will be able to see lots and you will come back happy. So go for the whole not for one and cherish every minute spend in wilderness.

Elephants in the backwaters of Kabini